Your First Hawaiian Cruise!

First Time Hawaiian Cruise?

Cruising can be one of the most adventurous and delightful experience in one’s life. They are convenient, fun, and relaxing all while provide non-stop entertainment that no other form of vacation can match. If you are a first-time cruiser, there are several basic cruising tips and facts that you should know to enable you to make the most out of your experience. And if you’re a seasoned cruiser, find out what you might have missed last time.

Cruising in Hawaii is a priceless vacation for everyone who wants to get away. A common myth for cruises might be that it’s too costly and too luxurious for the everyday individual. Well, it certainly is about time to break that myth and give yourself the luxury that you deserve. Cruising is NOT expensive.  A cruise is actually a very affordable option if you want to visit multiple destinations and have everything there at your disposal for 24/7 entertainment.

Cruising is also very convenient. No matter how many places or islands in Hawaii you drop by, you are only required to unpack once! And while on board, you will not find the need for wallets or credit cards since everything has already been paid for in the package you’ve chosen.

This is actually one of the best benefits you can get out of cruising – it’s all-inclusive quality. The money that you have paid for the package would already include everything you need- the ship fare, the meals, 24-hr room service, onboard entertainment and all other basic features you need on the cruise. Once you’re on board, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the whole vacation with its wide array of events and land excursions to add to the adventure.

There’s so much to do on the cruise ship once you’ve set sail along the beautiful waters of Hawaii. While cruising you can have the chance to experience whale-watching, which is one of the hottest activities there is in the state. If surfing is the name of your game, you’ll get plenty in a Hawaiian cruise package. A Hawaiian cruise is the ultimate island-hopping experience, allowing you to surf anything from small rolling wave perfect for beginners to monster waves that challenge the best. Hawaii is famous for its surfing, and a cruise will allow you to see all the reasons why.

There’s no land-based vacation that can provide the community feel that a cruise vacation to Hawaii brings. With cruises, you and your family or friends can dine at the same restaurant in the cruise ship, enjoy onboard activities together, or take pleasure in various land excursions. Bring your loved ones closer to each other with a vacation that has something for everyone.

Looking for a place to enjoy your vacation with your family or friends has never been as easy as this. With cruising, you not only get to stay in a place, but you also get to visit the different islands of Hawaii and get the most out of your ultimate Hawaiian getaway. Waking up to a new port in a new island is just one of the many joys of choosing to cruise. All you have to do is book a Hawaiian cruise package and your vacation starts the moment you step on board.


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Know Your Cruising Seasons

Season Dates Attractions
Winter approx Nov.-Feb. Catch a glimpse of the Humpback whales from the North as they migrate for the winter.
Spring approx March-May Spring is the time to enjoy Hawaii's festival season which stretches from late Feruary to May.
Summer approx June-August With schools out, many cruises offer more for the entire family to experience during this time of year.
Fall approx Sept.-Oct. In the Fall Hawaii experiences less rain, making it a great benefit of traveling during this time.

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