Preparing for Paradise

Gearing Yourself Up for the Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway 

Saving up for your dream Hawaiian cruise is not that easy. You have spent considerable time on it which can indeed be a sacrifice. With all this preparation just to schedule your cruise, it’s only logical that you prepare to make the most of it.
The preparation starts the moment you decide to take on the enticing cruise. With the variety of packages to choose from, pick the one that meets your interests and budget. Settle on a figure for your cruise long before you start booking it to help yourself stay on budget. Make sure that your chosen package covers expenses from airfare, transportation fees, land excursions, onboard activities and the like to save the most money.
Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas offers a 10-night Hawaii cruise that ranges from $899 for an inside cabin to $2399 for suites. Other cruise lines, like the Celebrity and Carnival, sail through Hawaii for 11-12 nights with rates that are slightly higher. It’s always better to book a room overlooking the ocean for a complete cruising experience if it fits within your budget. Ocean view room rates start at around $1000. If you opt for a balcony room, be prepared to add around $300-$700 dollars on top on the ocean view rates. These itineraries usually have 5-6 ports of call that are surely worth the money you paid for.
It’s always advisable to book cruise vacations around two months prior to the travel dates. This is because rates become lower the longer the interval is between booking and travel. Select the ship and rooms that you want, but make sure you have spent a considerable amount of time researching the cruise liner’s information before you decide. Also consider signing up for travel protection or insurance plans to have yourself completely covered should anything happen to you on your vacation.  
After looking at Hawaiian cruise ship accommodations, start looking for specific vacation activities like possible shore excursions that you wish to have. There’s a variety of activities to choose from in the different ports of call so make sure you book these onshore activities with your cruise line beforehand.  
As your travel dates get nearer, and around a month before the big day, prepare an extensive packing list. Make sure that you bring along everything that you need and leave behind things that you don’t. A golden rule in packing for cruise vacations is that you only carry enough things that your large suitcase can hold. Leave some 20 % of space for souvenirs or other things that you might pick up along the way.  
It’s a good idea to reconfirm your reservations within a month before you travel. Also make necessary arrangements with your job and for pet-sitting and home care. If you’re on medication, make sure that you bring along all of your needed prescription. Finally, make sure you have all your travel documents complete, up to date, and ready.  
Getting everything covered well beforehand will ensure a fun and hassle-free vacation for you and the people you’re tagging along with on your Hawaiian cruise. Though it entails a lot of preparation as early as two months ahead, having nothing to worry about on the travel day is worth it.



Want to Learn More About the Hawaiian Islands

Know Your Cruising Seasons

Season Dates Attractions
Winter approx Nov.-Feb. Catch a glimpse of the Humpback whales from the North as they migrate for the winter.
Spring approx March-May Spring is the time to enjoy Hawaii's festival season which stretches from late Feruary to May.
Summer approx June-August With schools out, many cruises offer more for the entire family to experience during this time of year.
Fall approx Sept.-Oct. In the Fall Hawaii experiences less rain, making it a great benefit of traveling during this time.

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