Packing Tips

Hawaiian Cruise Packing Tips

Packing for a cruise doesn’t entail a whole closet full of clothes. Aside from wrestling excess baggage fees in airports, cramming your bag full of clothes leaves little room for souvenirs.  What cruisers should keep in mind is packing versatile items that will fit neatly in the allocated storage space without taking up virtually every nook and cranny of your room.

Hawaii's tropical ambiance commands a unique and varied fashion strategy. Aside from that new bathing suit and beach towel, you may be uncertain about what to pack for your trip to Hawaii. Although it can seem like a good idea to bring everything that you could possibly need on your Hawaiian cruise, we recommend that you keep your luggage as light as you possibly can. Light luggage doesn’t only free you from excess baggage troubles, it also brings you comfort and style with ease. It’s always better that you take only what you will need and leave the rest behind.

Save some extra room in your suitcase for items you might pick up along the journey. Shopping while cruising is part of the fun, especially on Hawaiian itineraries where just about everyone would dispatch their current clothing for some that would get them into the Aloha spirit. Elevate your Hawaiian cruising experience by donning all those fancy aloha colors and Hawaiian prints that might be a faux pas in other situations.

But do make sure you have proper cruise outfits for all occasions. Use easy care and light fabrics that are comfortable while you explore your destinations. Cotton, linens, and hemp are the most comfortable and appropriate for the Hawaiian tropics. With the few items that you have packed, you might also find the ship’s laundry services to be a great benefit.

Good walking shoes or sneakers are important if you plan to do some exploration. Make sure that your footwear has already been broken in before the trip to save yourself from sore feet. Of course a bathing suit or two is a necessity in the Hawaiian Islands.  Any flip-flops would be perfectly appropriate to pair with your beach and pool lounge wear.

Before leaving, check your itinerary for formal or night events so women can pack cocktail dresses and men can bring along a suit. Don’t forget to include the proper shoes to match since pairing your cocktail dress with flip-flops is a bit too conventional-looking even for cruisers like yourself. Some cruise ships don’t really require their guests to wear anything too fancy.  It’s best to be prepared by checking how ships prefer their dining before you sign up for any of them.

It is always better to book tours and special occasions in advance so that you already have an idea of the items that you might be needing while on the cruise. Once you do, decide wisely on the things that you bring and the things you should leave behind. If something works for more than one activity or occasion it’s usually a safe packing bet. 



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Know Your Cruising Seasons

Season Dates Attractions
Winter approx Nov.-Feb. Catch a glimpse of the Humpback whales from the North as they migrate for the winter.
Spring approx March-May Spring is the time to enjoy Hawaii's festival season which stretches from late Feruary to May.
Summer approx June-August With schools out, many cruises offer more for the entire family to experience during this time of year.
Fall approx Sept.-Oct. In the Fall Hawaii experiences less rain, making it a great benefit of traveling during this time.

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