Family Cruising in Hawaii

Contrary to the popular myth, cruising is not limited to sedentary senior citizens. Cruising to Hawaii has come a long way to become the perfect vacation option for you and your friends, or even for the entire family to enjoy together. With the cruising competition heating up, you can even negotiate a hefty discount when you book for a family package. Now is the best time to take that Hawaiian cruise.

An important factor in preparing for the ultimate Hawaiian cruise for the whole family is choosing the cruise ship that offers family-oriented activities and those that have temporary nannies for your children. This is a must while the grown-ups explore various land excursions. More and more cruise lines headed towards the islands of Hawaii are adding various family-oriented and children-friendly facilities so choosing a perfect ship shouldn’t be that hard. Some have children’s pools, playgrounds, and even onboard water parks. Others also include playing centers for tots and a computer center where teens can spend their onboard time online.

Most cruise lines also have youth programs where your kids sign up for all kinds of activities. These programs are usually for kids 13-17 years old, so if your child is around 18 they might instead take advantage of simply hanging out onboard places like the pool, video arcade, or the basketball courts where they can meet other people their age.

To avoid your child getting lost while wandering around the ship, make sure that the cruise ship provides IDs or bracelets that serve as a form of identification for your child. You can also make an ID bracelet or necklace yourself just in case you get separated from your child onboard if the cruise ship you chose doesn’t have them. Make sure you have the name and cabin number or accommodation printed clearly on those tags.

Packing your kids’ luggage for a Hawaiian cruise should be planned ahead carefully. Some of the standard items on the packing list for children include bathing suits with cover-ups, light cotton shirts and shorts, dresses for girls and collared shirts and pants for boys for cruise dinners, one light jacket, underwear and pajamas, sun hats and sunscreen for kids. For babies, it is advisable to use disposable diapers instead of cloth ones since not all cruise ships have laundry services.

There are other concerns with bringing your children with you on a cruise. Some of these involve the possibility that other cruisers might show some negativity with the presence of “noisy” children on board. Though this is quite possible, the risk of this happening would be greatly reduced if you train your children on how to behave properly in public areas on board. Proper behavior and manners as well as safety should be discussed thoroughly with your child even before the vacation. Cruisers will not pay any attention or mind that your children share the cruise ship with them unless the kids behave poorly.



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Know Your Cruising Seasons

Season Dates Attractions
Winter approx Nov.-Feb. Catch a glimpse of the Humpback whales from the North as they migrate for the winter.
Spring approx March-May Spring is the time to enjoy Hawaii's festival season which stretches from late Feruary to May.
Summer approx June-August With schools out, many cruises offer more for the entire family to experience during this time of year.
Fall approx Sept.-Oct. In the Fall Hawaii experiences less rain, making it a great benefit of traveling during this time.

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