Priceless Hawaiian Excursions

With many of the major cruise ships in the world offering regular and attractive Hawaiian itineraries, Hawaii is certainly becoming a top cruise destination. With the wide array of excursions tourists can enjoy on the different islands, the naturally perfect weather, and exotic landscape a Hawaiian cruise is truly a remarkable and memorable get away.

Various shore excursions are being offered by different cruise liners. These excursions usually spotlight the best of the best in Hawaii. Knowing that cruisers are all different, these activities are also diverse and wide-ranging, catering to a broad audience of different ages, activity levels, and tastes. Some activities are made for the whole family to enjoy while some are for more ambulatory people who look forward to several extensive climbing trips and long walks.

If you’re a marine life enthusiast, you’ll enjoy a rare marine experience in the island of Kona. A main attraction in Kona is watching large and beautiful mantas feed on microscopic planktons which look like pretty underwater snowflakes. This activity is for divers, snorkelers, and anyone else who has a genuine interest in ocean life.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in science and astronomy, the Big Island of Hilo is for you. The island offers a Mauna Kea mountain climbing adventure accompanied by stargazing led by the naturalist guide.  You can experience the skies like never before from the top of Mauna Kea, where 95 percent of the stars are visible from our planet. If you look below, you’ll be greeted by a spectacular array of stark landscape, crimson cinder cones, and beautiful floating clouds.

In Kauai, another Hawaiian island, you’ll be offered a variety of adventurous excursions including a fantastic Kauai canopy “zip lining” tour where you’ll glide through a lush canopy in the mountainside on a safety harness. Participants must be at least 15 years old, weigh more than 100 pounds and of course,  be able to handle the heights.

For nature lovers and photography buffs, Maui has more than enough to quench your thirst for adventure and beauty. Aside from visiting the top of Haleakala, Maui’s tallest peak, you can also go whale-watching in the nearby waters of the island. Seeing the magnificent humpback whales face to face is one of the most amazing experiences anyone could have. Maui also has a wide array of caves in the Kaeleku Caverns that can be explored. Exploring these caves is a great way for you to get close and personal with one of the most incredible natural formations that Maui has to offer.

If you’re a history and culture buff, then Oahu is the Hawaiian island for you. Oahu is home to the Battleship Missouri Memorial and the Bishop Museum. At the Battleship Missouri Memorial, you get to venture through a real U.S. battleship. The Bishop Museum on the other hand, houses rare artifacts including the royal family heirlooms and personal possessions of Princess Pauahi.

Hawaii’s islands are all truly beautiful and magnificent in their own ways. They offer enough attractions to keep any vacationer busy no matter what your interests are. These great shore offerings are just one of the things that your Hawaiian cruise can offer to make your vacation one of the best and most memorable yet.  


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Know Your Cruising Seasons

Season Dates Attractions
Winter approx Nov.-Feb. Catch a glimpse of the Humpback whales from the North as they migrate for the winter.
Spring approx March-May Spring is the time to enjoy Hawaii's festival season which stretches from late Feruary to May.
Summer approx June-August With schools out, many cruises offer more for the entire family to experience during this time of year.
Fall approx Sept.-Oct. In the Fall Hawaii experiences less rain, making it a great benefit of traveling during this time.

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